Country Wedding

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More from yesterday.  Now that’s some serious chalk work on the table plan.  And I adore the lampshade.  Another beauty from here.   There was camping too. And a hog roast.  I averted my gaze.  

The landscape, beautiful isn’t it.  And yet it’s spoilt by the dot on the lens. Or maybe that’s just because I know it’s there.

News from the plot aka Weed City.  Not in a marajuana way you understand.  More a sticky weed, dandelion, dock way.  The battle has commenced.  But you know there may very well be apples, and plums, and broad beans.  It’s looking good.  Although if I was aiming for the Good Life/self sufficiency thing, survival on a diet of rhubarb, chives, sage and a single asparagus may not cut it.  Who am I kidding I’d be dead by now.

Oh and Eurovision. Didn’t we do well. Working on the principle that we gain roughly ten points extra each year, we could very well win this by 2032. And one word ‘Romania’. That is all.




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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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