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…Miss Queenie Fletcher. She arrived last night, via stork.  A complete surprise. *

002 003 036 038And today there was the most beautiful sunny wedding.  More photos will be shared soon.  There was garden envy.  Not because of the planting, although there were a few pearls in there.  No the view.  You’ll see what I mean when it’s shared.

So the country chic style prevailed.  And what to give someone who asks for sunflower buttonholes?!  Mini Chrysanthemums, with herbs and grasses.  And a tent in the folks back garden. And another hog roast.  Is everyone having a hog roast at their wedding this year?  It’s a far cry from the ham salad with boiled egg of the 1950s. Personally I’d rather just have the salad with champagne of course.

And this weekend, the other Fletcher of the house will be running the Manchester 10k. As a birthday treat.  Hey, it takes all sorts.

*slight fib




About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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