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The green eyed monster.  But there was a little garden envy going on here.  Or should that be magnolia and viburnum envy?  Huge mature trees.  And the colour combination, totes amazeballs.

Popped into Manchester  for the 10k. Well to be precise, for lunch with one of the runners.  Missed the high fives of Fabrice Maumba. But did see the chap from this.  The chap who had better eyebrows than Joan Crawford. The chap who when asked about his holiday said ‘all we ad was vodka n drama’.  Sounds like an interesting holiday, no?

Queenie has also been to the plot.  Her first visit.  Many weeds were attacked.  The odd bed trampled on. But generally on the whole a successful visit.  We drank tea, she fell asleep.  Perfect.




About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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