Past the Castle

013 019 021 044 051 055 057 062 063 064When asking for directions in Wales, it always involves the phrase ‘go past the castle…’. And didn’t I promise a whole heap of gorgeousness?  Did I deliver?

I adore the bird illustrations.  So pretty.

There were various questions today.  Things like ‘can you help me, is one of the tudor king’s mistresses buried here’  and ‘when is the wedding?’  Well working on the basis that I’m decorating a church with fresh flowers today, you could take a guess?  Real answer in about half an hour.

Beaumaris. In case you were wondering.  And the church? Just past the castle on the right hand side.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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3 Responses to Past the Castle

  1. Unbelievably beautiful, just stunning. I adore those colour combos in the bouquets and loved, I say LOVED! the bird illustrations. A talented lady and a job extremely well done I’d say. You should be veritably pleased with yourself (I know I would be)!

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