Pigs Ear

001 008 009 011 033 035Things I’ve learnt this week.  Pigs ears are more expensive than cow’s ears. Snout’s are also available on the web.  And hooves have been ordered.  Hooves!  I also shudder and sometimes can’t quite bring myself to open some of these packets.  It’s a whole other world and it scares me.

Another bride called in today. There was mention of kransekake.  Makes me very excited.  Everyone should have one of these at their wedding. Very on trend for 2014.  Hog roast was also mentioned, admittedly with much less enthusiasm on my part.  Suggestions were asked for ‘the vegetarians’.  Halloumi.  Cous cous, chickpeas, courgettes and roasted veg.  Themes on a variation with good bread.  Works for me.

Clocks sometimes stop.  It’s kinda liberating. Today working away convinced I had all the time in the world.  The reality? Two and half hours behind.  Time to close the shop, which does look like a pigs ear.  Too many weddings and a pooch means a work room that resembles….a wet bear.  Also learnt that this phrase (French) is the equivalent phrase of ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’.

And next week?  Monday to Friday I have no weddings.  A whole four days without one.  Will there be withdrawal symptoms?




About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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