Easy Peasy

028 037 041Lemony difficult.  These simple delicate bridesmaid posies proved too challenging for a one florist.  Another took over and quite some time after we got there.  That’s the royal we.  It’s team work.  But sometimes Ammi can be a bastard (technical term).  Sometimes it’s huge, and others not.

There’s always a challenge.  It’s called life really isn’t it?

How we choose to deal with those challenges varies.  But I’m a great believer in rising to them.  Gumption.  Love it.

And back to the thing that is this great British summer.  A real summer, one kids will remember for years to come.  One that involves ice pops, paddling pools, sunburn and trams packed with stinky folk.  Ah the great British commute.  Enjoy you lucky people.  And because I love you, here’s a few tips to keep everyone cool.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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