RHS Tatton Flower Show

You’re hoping for a sneaky peak aren’t you?  Well sadly I’m going to have to disappoint.  With all the hours working on the exhibit and 10 million* things to remember, sadly the camera wasn’t one of them.

For those who have no idea.  It’s RHS Tatton Flower Show this week.  As I type the judges are casting their beady eyes over our offering.  It’s not too dissimilar to an offering to the gods.  Maybe there should have been cake as a sweatener?  Though my taste is somewhat….shall we call it ‘different’ to others. It’s marmite taste.

2013-07-14But as a flower bird the show is a stunner.  I want to run around scissor happy. Cutting and making beautiful stuff.  It’s inspiring.  It’s a show stopper.

AND I saw CAROL KLEIN.  THE CAROL.  She’s a rock star wrapped in a cloak of willow. No, she’s a super star wrapped in the waft of a bluebell meadow..I’ll stop.  I got a little giddy. This book is in my living room.  She’s a professional plantswoman that knows everything there is to know.  Is that better?


So there are medals tomorrow.  I’m not expecting one.  It’s our first time doing anything like this.  But you never know.  And if there is one there has been two very exciting promises.  1. Fran and I get a go on the helter skelter (assuming they let grown women on). 2. New scissors for everyone.  Oh yes I can push the boat out.

*no exageration.

PS. The health and safety breaking ‘open’ ballet pump in the photo.  Tis neither open, nor a ballet pump.  LOAFER!



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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