Scouring the land

006 008 011 013 014 019 022I scoured the land for heather.  Well, I made calls, lots.  And emails.  And at one stage it may have  crossed my mind to just get in the van and drive to the North York Moors and dig the stuff up.  But obviously I don’t have a great desire to get arrested.

Three different varieties of heather no less.  It looked amazing.  The photos really don’t do it justice.  Plant samples turned up on Tuesday. Followed by the bulk plant order – which for some reason bore little resemblance to the sample.  Go figure.  And bunches of British grown arrived late yesterday.  I call this theme North York Moors via Holland/Cornwall.

And a little helper from Argentina.  She came to improve her English and got a lesson in floristry and Queen (the band, to avoid confusion).

Queenie had her first visit to a tent.  She thought it was super pretty and particularly liked the giant field that came with it. She said when she gets married she’s having the Bohemian Dream theme with hooves. Trend alert.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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