Some kind of wonderful

028 032 036043 044047 048033 035Out on the road.  With the usual sat nav ‘reached your destination’ HAVE NOT!!  Nonsense. Several hopping out of the van to ask for helps later. The tent appears, like the shop keeper in Mr Ben.

The sign reads ‘if anyone enters this room, the wedding is cancelled’. I enter.  That kind of girl.  There’s a beautiful gown hanging up. In all it’s glory, waiting for it’s moment.  I place the bouquets on the table and quickly escape, just in case.

At the church were the remnants of the wedding the previous day.  Faux trees wrapped in an inordinate amount of chiffon, shiny purple polyribbon and sparkles.  The registrar asks if the bride would like them at the entrance.  I try to imagine the bride’s face.  And say that on reflection that probably isn’t the best idea.  Tact and diplomacy always.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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