092stephanie1097 101stephanie2107Maybe it should have been called The Mill. There were no children working 12 hour days. No clogs and shawls. It was an early start.  So the only folk around was the guy cleaning the loos and a man walking his dog.  I like this time of day.  You have it to yourself.  You can park wherever you like.  No fuss.

And then a full day in the shop followed by a Hen party.  I’m not a Hen party type of girl. Counting on one hand those attended.  And after the weddings was struggling to keep awake.  But you know a couple of drinks can really perk a girl up.

It was in a Rock bar.  Having typed those words I’m still staring at them in disbelief.  I WENT TO A ROCK BAR!!  I’m a Northern Soul girl.  Funk, Soul, Disco, yeah…it was an experience.  Tried very hard not to stare at the variety of haircuts. The Rock T-shirts and the music. Ah the joy of hearing a Depeche Mode song after an hour of rock that you’ve never heard of in your life.  Could this be called serendipitous music?  A moment of calm.

And after all that moaning.  It turned out to be a fantastic night.  Because it wasn’t pretentious. It wasn’t full of posers and vertigious heels. Or football oiks and wags. The wedding is on Halloween.  Watch this space.

Oh and mention of the flowers.  This was the one where 50 bright letterbox red dahlia’s turned up and purple painted, YES PAINTED Sedum.  Life as a wedding florist is nothing but a challenge.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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