One of our own

011 bec1015 bec2019 bec3022 bec4 bec5When a fellow florist marries you know the flowers are top of the agenda. When they marry on Halloween, you know they’re going to want something a little creepy. It’s hard to see, but there are crows feet dangling from the birds nest effect if you look closely.

Itching to show you some of the bride. But as you know I am actually incapable of taking photos of people.  I took four shots. Three came out black and one so blurred it looked like I’d been at the Diamond White on a 24 hour bender.

The bouquet was a two woman job.  One holding and one casting a very critical eye over the whole design.  The bride wore emerald green with hints of black. There was a show reel of this. And the balloon man.  Totes amazeballs, I’ve never seen anyone plait balloons into a heart.

And Santa arrived – well it was at the Town Hall and it was October.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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One Response to One of our own

  1. Stunning flowers and beautiful photography. What great flowers for a Halloween theme. I love it 🙂

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