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018Remember those poetry magnets?  They lived here quite some time ago. And then out of the blue when cleaning the kitchen floor this.  Just staring up at me.  What is it trying to tell me?  Do I need to take note? And why is there always a  doggy paw print?

001 003 004 031 034 xmas xmas1Yes, I like tinsel.  It’s not cool.  And I really couldn’t care less.  I also like to keep adding to my bauble collection. Little by little. Little trinkets picked up from around the world. And the joy of remembering each as you unwrap them.  OK, I’ll stop with the soppy Kirstie stuff.  But it’s better than shelling out £300 in one go at Liberty to decorate a section of your tree. Just to see if you like the look.

The wine rota.  Finish all the stuff on the windowsill. Then start on the shelf.

And the gnomes!!!!  Found them in a box.  Quite possibly they belonged to my mum.  I have no recollection of them.  Kitsch doesn’t even begin to cover it.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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