004 Untitled-1001 006011 015Fruits of the garden. The first crocus poking their heads above the parapet.  And the euphorbia.   It’s a thug, that’s all you need to know.  It may be winter outside, but in the shop it’s spring.  Spring arrived around 3 January.

I’ve been blog light of late.  Flitting from one manic event to another. Valentine’s Day came and went. The shop’s fourth.  I can hardly believe that.  It  was a little bit busier than usual.  We sold roses.  And fought our instincts on that one.  Much talk every year about whether to sell them or not.  Next  year there will be less and more, scented narcissi, alstromeria, tulips for those who want a nod to spring.  Lilies and rose combo’s are popular, but that’s simply because some people only know those two flowers.    Not a single customer asked for British flowers which is disappointing to say the least.  But seasonal flowers were mentioned.

And then two days after a trip to the big smoke.  Gatecrashing a friend’s flat. I was the crazy lady on the Pendolino transporting the huge box of flowers on a wheely trolly.  Causing complete chaos in  said friend’s kitchen.  Then an early start across the river to a studio where fingers crossed they photographed my designs for a magazine.  More on that later.

Six wedding consultations, a wedding and a baby shower.  Today is a day of lazy pottering.  Coming up for air.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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