Florists choice

012 Untitled-1 019Don’t you just love this little pink number? * Our love of British Flowers prevails, Ranunculus, Alstro, Tulips pretty huh?

And relax.  Our fourth Mother’s Day. Done. Dusted.

The love was all around.  From my side it was the love of the scaffolding from the outside of the shop being removed two days before.  It was supposed to be a week long job. A month on it was finally finished.

So what stories of the weekend madness?  Well if you have a police car and a riot style (don’t know the technical term for that) police van outside the shop people get worried.  Lots of slightly hushed ‘what are the police here for’.  Flowers obviously.  Scented narcissi to be precise.  Police officers have mum’s too.  Although breaking down after purchasing them not so great.

Other things of note:

People can have karma put out by mixed pink and white lilies.

There’s only so much Queen (Take That, Frank Sinatra) one can listen too before going mad.

Someone will hack your website.

Jaffa cakes, bourbon’s and chocolate animal biscuits can only keep a team of florists going for 5 hours.  After which there is a switch to crisps and hummous.

*rejected for ‘being disappointing and not to your usual standard’   Can’t win em all.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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One Response to Florists choice

  1. well done. Did notice the florists being a little stressed at the weekend! 🙂

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