From the City

WP_20140610_002 WP_20140610_004 WP_20140610_005 WP_20140610_006 WP_20140610_007 WP_20140610_008 WP_20140610_012 WP_20140610_013 WP_20140610_014 WP_20140610_016 WP_20140610_017 WP_20140610_018 WP_20140610_019 WP_20140610_021A week in the country.  Highlights all manner of inadequacies on my part.  Primarily driving.  I’m a good driver in the city.  Put me on a country road and I fall apart. Put me on a country lane, facing a huge truck and it’s sheer panic setting in.  Attempting to reverse into a field which lovely wife has opened the gate for, allowing two sheep to escape? Makes me flap my arms around and swear a lot.  Followed by ‘I’M FROM THE CITY FOR FUCK’S SAKE’. Like this will make it all go away.

Thankfully OH is from the country.  She herds the sheep back into the field with grace and skill.  And the van driver gets out and guides me through the manouvre.  Last time this happened the dog simultaneously vomitted.  This time, she just growled at the sheep.

Do you like the beardy man in the first picture?  See the Eden Project appeals to all sorts.  Some were there simply for the Cornish Pasties.  The queues formed early. We went for the spicy bean and a 3 cheese number.  Half of each swapped.  Divine.



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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