Anything can happen

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I’ve resorted to writing blogs without pictures.  There will be pictures in the blog, but I’m struggling on time to even sit down and think.  It’s Summer.  It means you spend hours on the road. Worrying about temperatures, heat and wiltage. Van hire and traffic jams.  And Channel Tunnel woes.

And turning down work.  Looking for a florist three weeks before your wedding? Seriously?! They sound surprised, and then confused.  It’s not confusing. You’re just not very organised and all the good ones are booked up.

And My summer so far: 11 events into the 27 before the end of August. Feeling there’s some way to go.

Summer things that rock:  Dog walking in sunshine, random salads with Bulgar wheat, not wearing 4 layers all the time, enough light to see where I’m driving to, enough light to see what I’m making, no mud.

Summer things that slightly suck:  Dog waking at silly o’clock because it’s too light, the girly glow one gets when humping buckets out of the van and up 4 flights of stairs, weekends no longer exist.

And everything is on the move.  I can almost smell autumn.  The first flush of berries on the rowan trees. The leaves have lost their acid green fresh ping about them and have settled into a more relaxed fully grown up stage. Dahlia’s are getting flower heads and the redcurrants are ready to pop.  Surfing the web for dog coats, and jackets and thinking about the winter outfits I want that will be handmade so need to get sorted soon.

A life a break neck speed. That’s Summer in all it’s glory.  Hope you like the pictures.

Oh, nearly forgot, the DJ took his shirt off because it was too hot.  It was 9.30am.




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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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