015 Blog SyptychNothing to do with oil.  Just a slick team.  As time rolls on we get better at this.  My particular skill is balancing a lychgate on my head whilst six feet up a ladder.  It’s taken a while to perfect but I’m getting there.  And then I lose my rag.  Come down the ladder and Fran takes over as my patience has been tested to the limit.

People think florists ‘play’ with flowers.  Florists know how hard they work and that it’s 20% playing, and 80% consultations, meetings, logistics, ordering, cleaning, driving…but all worth it for the 20%.

Seems that every florist I know did four weddings last week.  And four next week and four the week after.   EVERYONE wanted to get married in 2014, maybe it’s auspicious, or maybe it just doesn’t have a number 13 in it?

I reckon the wedding bloggers are inudated with submissions.  Which is a good thing.  We get to see lots of pretty.  And trends will change, and 2015 becomes all about the blushing bride protea.  Listen up suppliers.  This is happening, get with the programme.





About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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