Back to School

112 113 115wedding2121 123 128 129wedding4132wedding3wedding5WeddingAn old school.  Or a new school depending on your view point.  Either way, the best wedding venue I’ve seen for some time.  The old sports hall, complete with wooden bars a la proper gym.  And the grounds. Fabulous.

Few pictures of the flowers.  The bouquet was a rather magnificient (even if I say so myself) full on wired shower.  Huge trailing number.  No pictures because it  took so many hours to make that I then had to dash down south to deliver it.  It’s quite therapeutic being alone in the studio in the early morning.

What do you make of the drapes on the ceiling.  Aren’t they fantastic!  Sarah at Posh Frocks and Wellies came up with the idea along with her other styling touches. Colour is her thing, and hiding some rather dubious strip lighting.

And the rather magnificient coloured table runners. Which you can’t see because everyone was waiting for the caterers to turn up.  Apparently at 1pm rather than the 9am which the Groom first thought.  It made for an interesting conversation.  Hushed ‘does the mother-in-law know yet?’ types of conversations.  And the father of the bride ‘you have to take these flowers to your room’, followed by my comment of ‘it’s supposed to be a surprise’. Best laid plans n all.

Oh and finally the bouquet?  It’s from another wedding.  Life is a little disjointed sometimes.  We cope.


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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