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The one with the inflatable sofa.  Fun huh?  And a very loose theme of red white and blue.  Without it looking like an explosion in a Chinese tat factory. You know union jacks and all that jazz.

A final crazy wedding weekend.  And now life can take on a slightly slower pace for a few weeks.  Time to do things that don’t involve social media, dahlias, foraging and vans.

First stop Hamlet with Maxine Peake.  I find if you mention this someone will generally mention in the same breath the Lion King.  Why is this?  Is it in an attempt to say ‘hey I’m cultured, I go to the theatre’?  Strange.  My first foray into the world of Shakespeare.  To be honest I’ve never really fancied it.  Maybe it was the gender bending that I found appealing?  Or the Northernness.  No poncy speeches, just a straight Northern delivery with the aim of being understood. It doesn’t need received pronunciation, after all he is supposed to be a Danish prince.  And I am always in awe of the set designers. The lighting, the costumes, the whole kaboodle.

Followed by a literature festival.  Culture, my middle name.  This time a reading and chit chat with Sarah Waters.   The lady sat in front of me was pratcically wetting herself with excitement.  And pouted into her ipad, once she’d taken far too many photos of the top of Ms Waters head.  What do people do with those crap pictures?  Maybe it’s on facebook as I type?


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