The art of the tart

001 003 004 005 006 007 014 015Paperwhites. British flowers. Pure, simple and given out to celebrate four years of Fletcher & Foley.  I’ve learnt a lot. But it’s never enough. That’s the joy of all things horti related.  You can never know every variety.  There’s always something new. A little like the fashion industry but with even crazier characters.

Today was stir up Sunday.  Well it was in this house, if not the true one.  That’s the thing , sometimes (most of the time) you have to do things when you can, not when the calender dictates.  Make it up as you go along.  Know some of the rules and you’ll get by.  So the fruit was soaked for a couple of hours and not 24.

The tart, was a masterclass in cocking it up.  Number one, it didn’t need blind baking. Number two I shouldn’t have chopped off the excess overhanging pastry as it shrinks.  Number three, according to Tamsin Day Lewis, the leeks should not brown. It was a leek tart, but then surely a topping of brie would give it a zing?  For all the mistakes, it was pretty darn fine. With carrot and seame seed salad.

Oh and before I forget.  Something I learnt this week.  If Debenhams cafe runs out of sausages at least four people will ask to see the manager.  People GET A LIFE, or try an egg.  Be kind to each other this season.  It will reap it’s own rewards.



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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