The greatest luxury

001 002 005005 014 015 016009 016Time.

Time to think.

Time to yourself.

Time to bake. Orange and cardamon baked cheesecake. Because diets don’t work. And why would you choose to start one in January anyhow?  No, eat good food. Like today’s breakfast of organic scrambled eggs, homebaked wholemeal and rye toast with good old British Kippers.  A sort of less conventional spin on smoked salmon and eggs.

The run up to Christmas was utterly exhausting.  So post-Christmas I got to walk on the beach with the family and pooch. Followed by a couple of pints in the pub. One of those old ones with a good fire. A chance to re-charge the old batteries.

Lots of walking. Long walks in the cold. And thoughts of the allotment and what to grow this year.  Have you been watching the Allotment Challenge?  A basket of flowers was one of this week’s challenges.  Anyone who adds scented geranium and peonies is a clear winner in my book.  It’s good when us flowery folk agree.  And nice to see them showing techniques that don’t rely on floral foam.  Extra green points all round.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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