And the Bride carried…

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The blog is getting pretty full. Lots of posts, lots of images.  Sometimes I remember a bouquet and I’m buggered if I can find it.  So this is obviously a post for me, as opposed to you dear reader.  But feel free to enjoy the beauty.  And you know I look at this and think, blimey HOW?!  How did we manage to do all that work.

And I’m thinking this blog will be a bit rant about Wedding Fairs (Fayres?) . Well not a rant, it’s not as if I ever do them.  Not really. I did one proper one when we first opened to see what it would be like.  Was it our bag.  Hell no!  But it seems to me that everyone in the industry actively dislikes doing them. And the people attending feel like suppliers are about to leap and maybe once they sink their teeth in they will never be able to leave. Or worse, have parted with lots of cold hard cash just to get out.

One lady leant over and whispered consiprationally ‘yours is the only stand I like’.  Although it has to be said it was still a million times better than doing a social housing exhibition.  But there’s only so much chiffon a girl can cope with.

Everyone works so hard. But nobody really likes doing it. Is that just life?


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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