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002 Blog Syptych Today, to my mind, is a Sunday. Obviously I’m not that derranged that I  believe it.  No, I do appreciate it is actually Tuesday. But you have to go with your own clock.  So today is Sunday.  Which means pottering at the plot. Moving gooseberry and blackberry bushes to a more appropriate sunnier spot.  Digging up the last of the Jerusalem artichokes.  And finally giving up on the asparagus bed. A little like Monty Don’s on Gardeners World, planted at the same time and each year offering up a pathetic yield.  I got tough, out came the fork and off they went to the great asparagus bed in the sky.  But I will persevere and plant again, because you should grow what you love.

At the shop, Mother’s Day came and went.  I feel we’ve created a community space of sorts sometimes.  Where friends meet, and people come to laugh, cry or receive a hug.  Where PCO’s help customers with neighbour disputes surrounding rubbish and overgrown ivy.  There’s Jam swaps and childcare advice (whether you want it or not – the advice, not the jam).  Our bride’s of years ago are now receiving mother’s day bouquets, and the world moves on.

And today I bring you a solitary camelia with fastia flowers (or are they seeds?).  In a vase to match. I did have the tiniest anemones, but sometimes on rare occasions I simply put the scizzors away and just appreciate.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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