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001 003 006 009 Blog Syptych014 015 025 026 030 034 039 040 042 045 046 054 057 Blog Syptych3blog5Out and about this weekend at the Posh Frocks & Wellies Open Day.  Such a great day. Met up with one of our bride and groom’s to be who are having one of the marquees for their woodland wedding in 84 days.  Not that they’re on a countdown or anything.

I got to see the new stretch tent.  Which had a real chill out/club vibe.  Definitely one for the hipsters/wedstival or the Ibiza crowd.  Loved dangling the mossed up lampshades and little bottles with fressia, ammi and ferns.

There was a raft of wedding inspiration, with some really beautiful details.  Favourites of mine where the white calligraphy, beautiful work.  Jacqui at Print for Love of  Wood is the queen of Letterpress. Really stunning stuff, some classic and vintage styles and a little bit of quirk for those who want it.

And I met Rebecca of Pretty Little Trio.  Gorgeous vintage crockery. Slightly in love with the pineapple.  Now just imagine it all filled with jasmine tea, dainty sarnies and a shit load of cake. Oh yeah. Not of course forgetting the helter skelter.  If I was  marrying, I think I may very well choose a site with a helter skelter.  On the invitations it would say ‘don’t forget to tuck your arms in’. Health n safety and all that jazz.


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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2 Responses to Wonderful Stuff

  1. Sara says:

    Stretch tents are really really ace, we had one for our wedding 🙂 Does that mean we’re hipsters too?! 😉

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