Liver Birds

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Liver birds, looking out to sea and looking out over the city.  Looking out for a florist who hasn’t visited for some time and who’s slightly lost looking for the venue.  I love this city. The architecture, the fact it has so many more Georgian and Art Deco buildings than Manchester for instance. Although they can keep the purple wheelie bins.   Nobody beeped their horn, despite my terrible driving.  It was a relaxed day all round.

I managed to source some stunning locally grown lilac and azalea. A little homegrown jasmine, and British grown sweet peas mixed with the stocks and rosemary gave off a delicious scent.  If only you could bottle it.  This is what I call a cusp wedding, one season moving into the other.  In the floristry world we’re always a little ahead of the garden, commercially.

Design wise it’s ALL about a statement piece.  So go BIG.  Blow the budget on something amazing.  This top table design being a point in question.  The impact of one huge piece when you walk in a room is fantastic. Rather than dotting little things which dilutes the look.  Now what I’d really like to do is design around those windows.  How amazing would that be?


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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One Response to Liver Birds

  1. Fiona says:

    Thank you so much, the flowers were sensational, even better than Chris & I could have hoped for, thinking about them makes me smile so much, like you say if only you could bottle the scent. Everyone commented on how stunning they were, you truly captured everything we hoped for & more. They definitely had the wow factor, if only they lived forever. We’re planting the pot plants in the garden to keep the memories going (hopefully they survive).
    For anyone looking for a florist we can’t recomend Joanne & her team enough.
    Love Chris & Fi x

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