Wild things

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the one where a gazebo blew away. On the plus side we used one of the broken poles and hung beer bottles from it. Waste not want not.

Saturday morning was strange, the end of the heatwave.  Heavily shrouded in mist I had promised great views.  There was nothing to see. Just grey drizzle. It felt like a tent in a mysterious field surrounded by who know’s what?  But, as time wore on the mists lifted to reveal the most glorious views of the Peak District.

And I got to use lots of home grown beauty too. The very first of the aubergine coloured cornflowers, lavender, sedum, nigella seed heads, sweet peas and a couple of things I have no recollection of planting, but they fit with the theme.  Tent poles were draped with ferns, foliages and limonium to soften everything.

You really can’t beat an outdoorsy rustic farm wedding. Well maybe if Belle and Sebastian came along and made everyone sing and dance that would ice my cake.  Yes, Glastonbury. Did you see it?  Having a bad day? Watch it, and see if you don’t want to get up and dance.


About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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