We’re on the move


September, and time for a change.  I’ve spent a long time looking at the business and thinking about what works, and what can we change.  What do I really love doing and can I make it better.  So, I’ve made the decision to operate from a studio and focus solely on weddings and larger scale events.  To this end, there will be no retail side to the business as of 1 October.

It’s been getting increasingly harder to deliver on our events side, with over 50 events a year.  It also means more focus on home grown, the chance to grow some interesting varieties, the sort of stuff that makes our work look that little bit different and stand out from the crowd.  And most importantly, the chance to breathe and think, be inspired, take in what the world has to offer. Be creative, be more creative.

It’s been so quiet on the blog.  The August wedding season is phenomenal. So much beauty to bring. Lots of large scale events and mixed with a computer that simply died.  Not a bit, COMPLETELY.  Black screen and a cursor.  I’m praying for a miracle, the miracle of recovered images.  Fingers crossed.

August also saw us win an award.  Yay!  Silver Gilt no less, for our window design for LK Bennett at Dig the City back at the start of the month.  It seems such a long time ago.  Playing catch up, big time.



About joefletch

manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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