Music Hall Magic

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DSC_0112I will simply say these photos do not do this wedding justice.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Incredible couple too.   The ceremony took place at Ordsall Hall in Manchester.  Stunning place, steeped in history, the house was first recorded in 1177 (that’s a year, not a typo).  And for some reason I always have to ask if it’s ok to bang in a few nails in that Tudor door, just to get a reaction.  The people here are great though.  Pretty laid back, although it was no to nails.

The flower theme was loosely blue and yellow, with a little Scottish thistle, via South Africa with the proteas.  Flower lists were endless, delphiniums, agapanthus, clematis, mimosa, grevillia, olive, eremerus, leucospernum, eryngium, cornflower, ferns, bridal proteas, honesty, jasmine… and for the bride slipper orchids.  It was all about the texture.  To be honest when isn’t it?!

And then off to the Deaf Institute.  Another super cool venue, come music hall with lovely people.  And only a few flights of stairs, several thousand times. On a very hot day.  Florists don’t sweat, they just glow.



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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