Dance like nobody is watching

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Thinking outside the box. It’s a well worn phrase, no? But what if I said let your mind wander.  And see where it takes you?  Time to think for me is one of life’s pleasures. As a creative soul, I find it hard to focus on the everyday because I generally have a head filled with pretty.  Take this wedding for instance.   I just wondered if there was more to a candelabra.  Works out there is.

What if I used three, and took off the arms. And went to B&Q and bought some wood (note to self make sure if has a barcode!) and cable ties.  What did I do without cable ties?  How about using the world’s supply of moss.  Many couples have very simple colour palettes.  But this was the party to rival all others, so had a riot.  Purple, pink, yellow, red, white and green to match the pom poms.  You know it’s a good do when you turn up the following morning and the candles are still lit!

In other news, there’s a whole host of talented florists collaborating on this feature.  I was pretty thrilled to be included.  Some very sound advice on wedding flowers, great stuff for anyone planning a wedding.  Enjoy.


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