Christmas Wedding

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The final wedding of the year.  And what a beauty.  A hall with a history dating back to 1180. The Great Hall was built in 1325, and talk of witches.  But lets talk flowers.  Amaryllis Royal Velvet and Mont Blanc, a little home grown Iceberg rose added to the recipe.   I never thought for one minute I’d be using home grown roses in December.  But there you go.  A little foraged larch, lichen and moss mixed with rosehips, cotton and leucodendron cones.

And then a pootle in the van through gorgeous countryside, through little villages and hamlets to a lovely rural pub to meet the bride.  For some reason these jaunts at Christmas remind me of the movie The Holiday, I’m Cameron Diaz (obvs).  And what’s that I see, ah yes, the flashing light of a speed camera.  Points for New Year joy.

After making around 40 metres of garlands, I’m now at home about to….you guessed it, make garlands for home.  Green up the fireplaces and iron a T-shirt for Christmas day.   Hope you all have a fabulous festive holiday.  Merry Christmas everyone.




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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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