Valentine’s Wedding

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Things I have learnt this week.  Love Lies Bleeding is Amaranthus!  I know, shock horror, who knew?  Probably every gardener/florist on the planet but me.  Why has this taken so long?!  How did I not know this?  I found out because my lovely OH bought me a gift of flower seeds.  Yes, I know it’s valentine’s and some people get flowers.  But some people (me) really like seeds, she’s onto a winner.

And I’ve been working flat out to bring this beautiful wedding to you.  I’ve been nurturing those Amaryllis for over a week now, and they really weren’t for opening for me.  A little coaxing, gentle poking (technical term) and a warm room got them there in the end.  I tell you, I suffer for this art. The ruffled peach rose is called Campanella it’s a bit of a stunner and currently tops the ‘fabulous roses to work with’ list. The list is moveable, if this was 2010 it would include Amnesia.  Fickle, my middle name.

In other news, there will be flowers for the winners at the Cake Race.  It’s a new 10k run in Manchester, with cake.  What’s not to love.



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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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