In like a Lion

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Out like a lamb. Spring arrived yesterday, it wasn’t official.  It wasn’t on anybody’s calendar it just decided to call it a day with the white stuff and allowed the sunshine in. Last week I trudged through the snow with two furfaces.  I’d like to say they enjoyed it, that’s the thing with dogs, you never quite know.

There was time out to take in an exhibition.  This.  Quite some departure from the flowery scene. For some reason it made me think of Sigourney Weaver in Alien. It was somewhat disconcerting, the melancholy of two robots (empty wheelchairs) trying to connect and send love letters to each other only for them to fall to the ground like litter.  As I say disconcerting.  I also got confused and thought there was a Schiaparelli exhibition on.  There was, just not at that gallery.  Hey ho.

On the growing font, the sweet peas have made an appearance.  When I say made an appearance I actually mean there are tiny green seedlings popping up.  And I have a brief window of opportunity to get my arse into gear and get growing.  The amaranthus, scabious and cornflowers are all seedlings.  The quince I bought last month is happy in it’s new home and has produced a couple of the most delicate apricot coloured blooms.  And I thought I would try out a little globe artichoke foliage in this wedding.  It worked surprisingly well, so that will have further outings once the wedding season kicks in for real.  There are high hopes for the new tulips too.  If you hear no more on that topic, you know they were eaten.


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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