Dinosaur Adventure

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Hey mister!  Keep your jaws off my sweet peas!

So spring in Leicestershire, there was snow.  Admittedly is was a very light sprinkling that had disappeared by mid morning.  The best thing about early starts at this time of the year is that it’s light and doesn’t feel like the middle of the night.  I also had the pleasure of driving a transit van, where I can’t reach the hand brake.

What will I remember about this wedding?  Apart from the dinosaurs?  The scent.  Oh my, it was INCREDIBLE.  Seven different varieties of scented narcissi mixed with sweet peas, hyacinths and herbs.  Glorious.  I think we’ve lost the art of scented flowers.  But it’s coming back with some of the garden rose varieties that are popping up. I almost forgot the wildflower confetti, so pretty.

And a little jaunt to meet Carol, a fabulous lady who grows the most wonderful flowers in Cheshire.  The sort of place you can lose time and realise your knowledge isn’t up to scratch.  As a city girl, I did have space envy.  Space to grow whole beds of tulips and sweet William. Space for polytunnels and space for crazy dogs and chickens.  Beautiful.


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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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