Magic Tricks

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The magic trick on this was to hide the back wall, and bring down the ceiling to create an intimate garden room space.  It was 14 metres long. So no mean feat. I do always ponder the question ‘what did we do before cable ties’.  You’re probably thinking ‘why has she posted all these boring pictures?’.   Well I think it’s good to see a bit of the behind the scenes sometimes.  It’s knowing what goes into creating.  And there’s plenty of pretty coming in the next post.

I just got kinda giddy about the industrial copper frame, which I want to call an arch but it’s not is it?  I’m calling it Industrial Luxe.  And I have fears that someone will steal it from the van because you know copper ain’t cheap these days.   It’s amazing what you can make with copper piping, a bag of elbows, a hacksaw and a brain (courtesy of my lovely wife). Whilst I’m great at visualising things you also need to think about physics. Seriously if I’d made it, it wouldn’t have stood up.  And there were the usual glances in the DIY store and the ‘are you ok, need any help’ questions, because clearly they say that to all the guys too, yeah!

Lots of people worked their magic too on this wedding they are all here:

Wedding Planning: Carmen Weddings

Ceiling Draping: Posh Frocks & Wellies

Signage: Polly and Me

Venue: Delamere Manor



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