The Bostonians

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Yes, another American bride.  And her fabulous family who came over to the UK for a wedding in a house that dates back to 1378.  Who can fail to be impressed?  Stunning countryside, and a little pooch called Frank.  Marrying a Mancunian to boot. The lady has taste.

So the day didn’t start too well, but some might say better than it did for Mr Cameron.  Back at the ranch my gas had just been cut off, chaos on road through all the gas maintenance works (I didn’t just forget to the pay the bill). And the first time all the flowers didn’t fit in the van. A bruised leg followed by a bashed ankle thanks to the van door shutting on it.  And then I arrived.  No internet, no phone signal, just a day in a bubble with the flowers.  It’s recommended.  Perfect therapy.  And the suggestion that I should go to the states and teach.  Did wonders for the ego.

The best thing?  The chandelier is on a pulley system, so no ladders.  So my new recommendation now is to have a bijou wedding, take a country house and put everyone up for the whole weekend.  Weekend long weddings.  Way to go.




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manchester based floral designer, pea grower and favorite cousin.
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