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Dinosaur Adventure

Hey mister!  Keep your jaws off my sweet peas! So spring in Leicestershire, there was snow.  Admittedly is was a very light sprinkling that had disappeared by mid morning.  The best thing about early starts at this time of the … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of History

repeating.  Manchester’s beautiful round library is due to re-open this weekend.  It’s all very exciting.  The books have been stored in salt mines.  I didn’t even make that up. And in 1934 the King came to Manchester to open said … Continue reading

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Spring Brides

I thought this blog should offer some advice on floral bouquets for the Spring bride. Spring bouquets, to my mind, offer the best of all scents.  If scent is a must for you, try the following: Freesia, Muscari, Lily of … Continue reading

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Sowing the seeds

of love.  What to do with those British grown scented Narcissi?  Early Cheerfulness and Avalanche.  Mix them with even more scent. Lily of the Valley and Freesia. So how’s your Easter been?  Did you get lots of eggs?  I will … Continue reading

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Moon Safari

The soundtrack to the day. Things that make me giddy – first season asparagus… Scented wedding bouquets. Chocolates from Woodbridge. Non giddy things include vans that smell of slightly decomposting green waste. And this book. In other news, a mister … Continue reading

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